For Your Good Pleasure


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For Your Good Pleasure







Release Date: Oct 29, 2006
Length: 68:33 minutes, 20 tracks

This CD is a solo acoustic guitar CD with originals and some of the best cover songs that take you back to the events in your life. I love this CD one reason, because it’s a solo guitar project.  It has songs like: Long Time Gone, CSN, Somewhere over the Rainbow, Here Comes the Sun, Green Acres theme and many more. Songs I grew up on and I liked even if others did not like them, I like them.

You cannot beat buying this CD. 20 SONGS! WOW! The guitar style captures my playing passion for acoustic guitar and I give the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior the glory for the gifts He has given me. Order yours today!

Listen to these tracks from:
For Your Good Pleasure

Track No-1 Waiting For The Cofee.mp3
Track No-2 Popcorn Nights.mp3
Track No-3 Here Comes The Sun.mp3
Track No-4 Lad With Cuban Cigars.mp3
Track No-5 Long Time Gone.mp3
Track No-6 Somewhere Over The Rainbow.mp3
Track No-7 Troy.mp3
Track No-8 Back In The Saddle.mp3
Track No-9 Chasin Stitch.mp3
Track No-10 Gospel Love.mp3
Track No-11 Green Acres.mp3
Track No-12 Happy Together.mp3
Track No-13 He Knows My Name.mp3
Track No-14 Humble Thyself.mp3
Track No-15 Open For Business.mp3
Track No-16 Pickin My Martin.mp3
Track No-17 Somewhere My Love.mp3
Track No-18 Your’re So Far Away.mp3
Track No-19 The Conference.mp3
Track No-20 Video Time.mp3


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