Groovin’ Strings


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Groovin’ Strings







Release Date: July 2, 2004
Length: 72:17 minutes, 21 tracks

This CD is one of my favorite fingerstyle CDs. It captures the heart of my style of playing guitar. Most songs are original with some great cover songs such as SUPER STAR / YESTERDAY / I WILL / SHES LEAVING HOME and IF. There are also some percussion, bass guitar and strings in some of the backups. These are some of my friends who I consider some of the best players in the world. Tom Keen my arranger is a music genius.

This CD is something worth investing your time and ears for acoustic guitar at its finest.

Listen to these tracks from:
Groovin’ Strings

Track No-1 Patio Jam.mp3
Track No-2 Fiddler’s Lute.mp3
Track No-3 What A Friend We Have.mp3
Track No-4 Spruce Top Boogie.mp3
Track No-5 IF.mp3
Track No-6 60’s Street.mp3
Track No-7 Witchy Woman.mp3
Track No-8 Daily Walk.mp3
Track No-9 Super Star.mp3
Track No-10 Main Beach Prayer.mp3
Track No-11 Little Bit Of This. Little Bit Of That.mp3
Track No-12 Yesterday/I Will.mp3
Track No-13 Ireland.mp3
Track No-14 Dona’s Favorite.mp3
Track No-15 Mexican Dream.mp3
Track No-16 She’s Leaving Home.mp3
Track No-17 Jesus Loves The Little Children.mp3
Track No-18 Porch Hop.mp3
Track No-19 Grace Guitar.mp3
Track No-20 Day Dreams.mp3
Track No-21 Walking Together.mp3


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