Pure Acoustic 3-Journey Through Life


Listen to these sample tracks from:
Pure Acoustic III







Release Date: Jul 06, 2001
Length: 70:40 minutes, 19 tracks

This is the third CD in the PURE ACOUSTIC series that has a selection of worship fingerstyle guitar and artist style songs. It has some of my friends that I’ve been playing with for years: Tom Keene, Tony Logan, Susan Nilon, Dave Spurr, Randy Rigby, Dave Coy, Patty Hamlton and Liz Saenz.

This CD is a must for the songs of devotion, love and offerings to the Lord. They can be felt in every track. Be blessed and bless others buy ordering yours today, it’s time well spent.

Listen to these tracks from:
Pure Acoustic III

Track No-1 Let Him Reign.mp3
Track No-2 Coming Messiah (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-3 Slappen Strings (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-4 6/7/89 (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-5 Where Blessings Flow.mp3
Track No-6 Dancing With Stockings (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-7 The Sneak (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-8 Don’t You Step Out Of Line.mp3
Track No-9 Le Lendmain De La Fete “The Day After The Feast” (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-10 Coming On White Horses (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-11 No Other Name.mp3
Track No-12 Chasin’ David (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-13 I Thank You Lord.mp3
Track No-14 Loneliness (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-15 Loving You, The Love Of The Lord (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-16 In My Life (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-17 Share The Divine One.mp3
Track No-18 Vacation Village (Instrumental).mp3
Track No-19 Jesus Lover Of My Soul.mp3


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