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Pure Acoustic







Release Date: Jan 03, 1998
Length: 61:06 minutes, 16 tracks

Pure Acoustic Pure Hearts was birthed from the need of capturing the acoustic sounds of the Calvary Chapel movement. With Pastor Chuck Smith’s approval on this series of projects the Lord was pulling my heart to produce this ministry and with some of the proceeds of sales would be given to Calvary missions.

This CD has many different sounds of the acoustic guitar as it has been a tool in the Calvary Chapel movement from the beginning.

Many of my music brothers in the Lord came along side to be apart of a worship and song writing project that would show case there abilities as gifted guitar players. This CD has a very special place in my heart that was a beginning of many other like minded music ministries. Taylor Guitar / Martin Guitar was very supportive.

I believe the Lords hand is on these projects in a way that breaks the mold of Christian music and how it’s produced and the reasons they are done in the first place. Many thanks to Producer Tom Keene / Pastor Tony Logan/Pastor Joe Sabolick / Pastor Duane Clark / the great Doyle Dykes / Dave Spurr / Bob Somma and my Pastor at the time Pastor Terry Hlebo who prayed for me supported and encourage me to keep the ministry growing.

You have to pick up this CD or any of the series and you will be blessed!

Listen to these tracks from:
Pure Acoustic

Track No-1 Victory.mp3
Track No-2 Everlasting.mp3
Track No-3 Its Been A Long Time.mp3
Track No-4 Pavane Breaking Ground.mp3
Track No-5 Jesus, Won’t You Come.mp3
Track No-6 Moments Like These.mp3
Track No-7 Feast We Share.mp3
Track No-8 Waiting For The Coffee.mp3
Track No-9 Father Of Love.mp3
Track No-10 Jesus Love The Little Children/ Spirit Song.mp3
Track No-11 I Am A Child.mp3
Track No-12 Near To Your Heart.mp3
Track No-13 Worship Medley.mp3
Track No-14 Daddy’s Shoes.mp3
Track No-15 Happy Now.mp3
Track No-16 Wayward Thoughts.mp3


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