Worship Walk





This CD is a collection of worship songs as well as personal songs about the ever changing Christian life.

Music style: Worship Walk is a combination of classic rock / country / Niel Young / James Taylor / finderstyle guitar.
Release Date: 2010
Length: 7 tracks

The songs carry the truths we share as Christians as well as the culture that’s ever turning yet the CD captures our trials and blessings we are faced with daily. As a veteran worship Pastor for 22 years keeping up with what the Lord is doing in worship and song writing I count my calling as a privilege and honor to be given the time and gifts to do what I do. I hope you will be blessed with WORSHIP WALK.

Listen to these tracks from:
Worship Walk

Track No-1 Drink From The Well
Track No-2 I Am Gonna Praise You
Track No-3 Falling For You
Track No-4 Jesus
Track No-5 Disappointments
Track No-6 Father Of Us All
Track No-7 The One I Behold


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