Awards & Acknowledgements

“George Sabolick’s music not only yields cutting-edge style and virtuoso technique, but with an anointed touch that displays his true love for the Lord. I appreciate him as a musician and admire him as a friend and brother in Christ.”
Doyle Dykes
Guitarist/Worship leader George Sabolick excels in the area of musicianship, worship leading, and worship Team rehearsing. Besides being a great guitar player, his sensitivity in music and worship has inspired me greatly. His strive for excellence has always produced great results. George’s versatility in music makes him a well rounded musician. He has an excellent tone, time and taste. Whether he is strumming, finger picking, or rocking away, George is always in control, producing inspiring sounds. George Sabolick is also a caring, sensitive, and responsible human being. He is a man after God’s heart, devoted to the ministry that God has placed him upon. I continue to learn so much as I am around him, both musically and spiritually.”
Ken Song
Session Guitarist / Worship Team Member
“I first met George Sabolick when I was called to play on his first CD. I realized immediately that he didn’t play or sound like Chet or anybody else. He has his own phrasing, his own fills, and his own way of arranging a song – He’s unique and very, very good! He’s a Calvary Chapel Minister. He has a wonderful family, a great sense of humor, and he can pick you a tune better than anyone. On, and if that isn’t enough, He can plaster your ceiling better than most. I’m proud to call him my friend.
Tom Keene
Producer / Arranger
George Sabolick is a great guitar player and worship leader… and a great man – it doesn’t get much better than that… I don’t see many pastors who are professional guitar players and wonderful worship leaders – how did all three things wind up in one man named George Sabolick?”
Tommy Coomes
Platform artist (Franklin & Billy Graham) Record Producer / Songwriter / Artist
“I’ve known George Sabolick for many years. He is a seasoned and recognized worship leader to some of the largest Calvary Chapel congregations in Southern California. George consistently displays the unique combination of recording artist, songwriter, and highly proficient guitarist, with a heart for worship and a love for people. I encourage you to hear George Sabolick… you will be blessed!
Jay Leach
“The music George composes fits right in to moods I try to create in my movies. His music has a way a lifting the spirit. I have used George’s music in a Red Bull athlete project to create a final “wrap up to the fun” segment. In a training video that ships with every board for Carveboard Sports. George’s music will be featured in my next kiteboarding film entitled “concept of motion”. This film will be seen in film festivals and will be distributed to seven continents. It is my hope that my audience will be touched by George’s music.”
Darren Porter
Extreme Sports Movie Producer / Raging Nation Motion Pictures