George Sabolick

George Sabolick started playing guitar at the age of 9. He was
brought up on Beatles songs, the Byrds and a little bit of everything
in-between that the ‘60s had to offer.

Playing with the Darrell Mansfield Band

I had a great time playing guitar with Darrell and his band. The show was wonderful and the crowd of 150 that was around the Horner Booth was really into the band. They all rejoiced in the performance and Darrell made it very clear that Jesus is coming back! It was a real – wonderful – […]

Calvary Chapel Rialto Christmas Concert

It was a mid-week concert at Calvary Chapel Rialto and I did a wonderful Christmas concert with Pastor Terry Hlebo giving a Gospel message from taking the words out of the Christmas songs and showing the message of HOPE that laces each song. Worship started with some of my standard songs:  JOY TO THE WORLD […]